ADDIE led the way and helped establish the foundation for the impactful work we are doing. She brought hope, healing, and love to everyone in her path.

She served as a model for all Assistance Dogs.

ADDIE passed away in 2011, but her legacy lives on at our first campus. We strive every day to make her proud.

ADDIE’s Way will be the nation’s first campus for K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM.

As ADDIE’s Way matures and expands, in excess of 50 Assistance Dogs will be placed each year with Veterans, Service Members, and civilians with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Military Sexual Trauma (MST)/Sexual Trauma (ST), and other trauma-related diagnoses.

ADDIE’s Way will enable even more fragile, severe, “Cave Dwellers,” “in-patient PTS treatment” survivors to experience our proprietary K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM ITT process.

ADDIE’s Way will be an environment in which Clients can change, using the trauma, the suffering and struggle that ensues, as an opportunity to reflect, to search for meaning in their lives, and to become better versions of themselves.

ADDIE’s way will offer extended team training to Clients deemed to require more in-depth and long-term training in order to optimally utilize their Assistance Dogs to control, regulate, and mitigateSM symptoms of their disabilities.

ADDIE’s Way will be a safe, comfortable living and working space from which we will create a better everyday life for the clients.

K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM is transformative and powerful.

To learn more about ADDIE, please read the attached document.