PPMC (PAWS PTS and MST Centers) provides programs to support recovery via K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM.

ADDIE’s Way will be the nation’s first campus for K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM and will offer extended team training to Clients.

K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM

Using our proprietary K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM training process known as Intervention Transfer TrainingSM (ITT), our Clients are taught how to use their Psychiatric Medical Alert Assistance Dogs to control, regulate, and mitigateSM their trauma induced symptom sets transforming their lives, and in most cases “SAVING” their lives.

This was the first dramatic paradigm shift in the Veteran PTS | Suicide epidemic.

PPMC is the second paradigm shift.

ADDIE’s Way will enable even more fragile, severe, “Cave Dwellers,” “in-patient PTS treatment” survivors to experience our proprietary K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM ITT process.

ADDIE’s Way is a safe, quiet and friendly environment, where our Dogs, from Puppies to fully certified Psychiatric Medical Alert Assistance Dogs, touch a place in our Clients’ hearts, minds, and souls that human beings cannot.

Our Psychiatric Medical Alert Assistance Dogs, whose training, companionship, support, and loyalty remarkably improve the lives of our Clients and the people around them, make ADDIE’s Way the most unique place in the world to recover from trauma and begin K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM.

Watching our Veterans and their families suffer from the aftermath of war is a heart breaking experience.

Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and Moral Injury (MI) are having a devastating impact on our Veterans and their families.

More Veterans have died from suicides relating to the impact of the psychological and emotional trauma they experienced than were killed in combat.

Conservative reports reflect 22 Veterans are taking their own lives every day.

The divorce rate, number who are now incarcerated or homeless, and the impact these issues are having on their children for our Veterans returning home are shocking.

Many have severed relationships, are afraid to leave their homes, get little sleep due to recurring nightmares, and are emotionally numb.

PAWS PTS | MST Centers’ ADDIE’s Way is one solution to helping our Veterans heal and enhance the quality of their lives.

PPMC was formed in 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of paws4people®, Inc.

The results are speaking loudly.

Anyone having the opportunity to witness the ongoing miracles which occur when a trained Psychiatric Medical Alert Assistance Dogs is introduced into the life of one of our struggling Veterans, becomes a believer.

They see how the Dogs are able to reach the Veterans, helping them to heal in ways other therapy strategies have failed.

While our primary goal at ADDIE’s Way is to help Veterans and their families, our methods have also been successful with Civilians living with similar trauma sets–especially sexual trauma.

The Mission

A campus for K9-centric Post Traumatic GrowthSM.


The Vision

A K9-centric solution to Post Traumatic Stress, Sexual Trauma, and Moral Injury.


The Values

What we Value most is:

·       Integrity:  Maintaining the highest standards possible and demonstrating uncompromising ethical conduct in all our actions.

·       Hope:  Offering optimism of the possibility for creating a better life and becoming more resilient by incorporating positive emotions.

·       Collaboration: Encouraging strategic partnerships to achieve the best possible results.

·       Respect:  Embracing the value and dignity of all people, building open and honest relationships.

·       Growth: Continually learning new skills and information to help us live the highest quality of life.

The ITT Recovery Formula